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Produce jammers for roadside bombs. Have won a lot of contracts but haven't received the purchase orders, which is why the stock has come down. Latest quarter was a bit weak. Revenue that had been expected in 08 will probably come in 09. Trading at around 7X earnings. Will double earnings from 08 to 09. Reducing debt.
Manufactures huge steel products for high towers. Product is so specialized that there is not a lot of competition. Producing at about 50% capacity so there is good upside in terms of getting new contracts and increasing margins. Doing about 20% EBITDA margins and stock is trading at about 8X this year's earnings. Have good visibility in their backlog until about 2008/2009. Probably no debt by the end of the year.
A thermal coal project in Australia. Still not producing. Have a huge land base. They have drilled and potentially found 1.7 billion tons. Will be a huge project. There is a port available but they need to find a partner to build a railway. Also need to get permitting.
Made a big acquisition last fall, which essentially will more than double the company. They are guiding up $160 million of EBITDA. Trading at around 5X earnings and is extremely cheap. There are only 2 players.
Has a bit over $8 per share. Trading around 11 X earnings. Will lose a big client this year which is why the stock has dropped. Have grown very earnings 30/50% per year over the last couple of years.