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Name Title Company
Pat Naccarato Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
Pat McHugh Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Pat McKeough Editor The Successful Investor
Patricia Perez-Coutts Senior Vise President & Portfolio Manager AGF Funds Inc.
Patricia Croft Managing Director and Chief Economist. Sceptre Investment
Patrick Horan Portfolio Manager Agilith Capital Inc
Patrick Kim Vice President and Portfolio Manager KBSH Capital Management
Paul VanEeden Managing Partner Cranberry Capital
Paul Gardner Partner and Portfolio Manager Avenue Investment Management
Paul Harris Portfolio Manager and Partner Avenue Investment Management
Paul Gill Institutional sales Lightyear Capital Inc
Paul MacDonald Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager Harvest Portfolios Group
Paul Thornton President Investor Boot Camp Online
Paul O'Neil Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities KBSH Capital Mngmnt
Paul Larson Equity strategist MorningStar Inc.
Paul Taylor CIO, Fundamental Equities BMO Asset Management
Paul Tepsich Tepsich Portfolio Manager High Rock Capital Management Inc.
Peter Gibson Vice Chairman Desjardins Securities
Peter Brieger Chairman & Chief Executive Officer GlobeInvestment Capital Management
Peter Hodson CEO & Head of Research 5i Research Inc.
Peter Imhof Vice President & Portfolio Manager AGF Investments Inc
Peter Arender Unknown Unknown
Peter Linder Advisor DeltaOne Energy Fund
Peter Ogden Vice President, Research and Industrial Analyst Lightyear Capital
Peter Grandich Chief Market Commentator
Peter Hofstra Vice President and Portfolio Manager Greenrock Asset Management
Peter Sacks Toron Investment Management
Peter Mann Mann Portfolio Manager Gluskin Scheff & Assoc.
Phil Taller VP of Investment Managment Mackenzie Investment
Phil Smith Managing Director Scotia McLeod
Philip Doyle Portfolio Manager Artemis Investment Management
Philippe Capelle VP, Equities Standard Life Investments
Pier Donnini Head of Institutional Securities Yorkton Securities
Pierre Bernard Vice President of Canadian Equities Industrial Alliance Fund Management
Prakash Hariharan Portfolio Manager Front Street Capital
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