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Name Title Company
Cameron Webster Managing Partner Sandstone Asset Management
Cameron Hurst Hurst Chief Investment Officer Equium Capital Management
Charles Maxwell Senior Energy Analyst Weeden & Co.
Charles Edwardes-Ker TD
Charles Oliver Senior Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management Inc.
Charles Dillingham Vice President and Portfolio Manager Morguard Financial
Charles Lannon Director of Research Toron Investment Management
Charlie Bobrinskoy Director of Research Ariel Mutual Funds
Chris Smith Managing Director Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.
Chris Fernyc Portfolio Manager Bissett Investment
Chris Kresic Senior Vice President, Investments Mackenzie Financial
Chris Ceraso Senior US Auto Analyst Credit Suisse First Boston
Chris Lowe Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
Chris Rankin Diversified Trust Analyst Canaccord Capital
Chris Damas Damas Editor The BCMI Report
Chris Hensen Hensen Co-Manager of the Manulife International Focused F Manulife Asset Management
Christine Poole CEO & Managing Director GlobeInvest Capital Management
Christine Callies Chief Market Strategist Bessemer Trust
Christine Hughes President and Chief Investment Strategist Otterwood Capital Management
Christine Horoyski VP of Fixed Income Aurion Capital Management
Christine Tan Tan Chief Investment Officer Excel Funds
Christopher Williams Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Williams Capital Group
Chyanne Fickes Vice President of Investments Stone Funds
Clos Olsson Senior Portfolio Manager InvescoTrimark
Cole Kachur Kachur Senior Wealth Advisor ScotiaWealth Management
Colin Ferenbach Portfolio Manager Tocqueville Alexis Fund
Colin Stewart CEO & Portfolio manager JC Clark Investments Ltd.
Colin Fisher Fisher President & Portfolio Manager Stableview Asset Management
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Craig Machel Associate Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor Macquarie Private Wealth
Craig MacAdam Portfolio Manager Aurion Capital
Craig Blum Portfolio Manager TCW Galileo Select Equities Fund
Craig Porter Senior Portfolio Manager LOGiQ Asset Management
Craig Millar Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Mgr Norrep Funds
Cristopher Davis Portfolio Manager Davis New York Venture Fund
Kim Goodwin Chief Investment Officer State Street Research
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