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His dermatologist says that SKIN's product works well, but SKIN stock is a SPAC, because it's a SPAC, it goes down. If this had been a traditional IPO, shares would now be fine. But they sell a fine product and the company is run by a fresh CEO, so he wouldn't sell this.
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It's terrific, though it should merge with Bausch. SKIN has a fabulous business open. When we get past Omicron, SKIN will really take off.
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It went public via SPAC earlier this year and one of the few successful SPACs because it boasts real profits and sales. They sell their Hydrafacial to health spas and dermatologists, then get a stream of recurring revenue each time a customer gets a $200 skin cleansing procedure. Up 40% since June when he recommended it.
Consumer Products
The CEO used to run Allergan. A fine CEO. He hasn't used SKIN's spa treatments, but he likes the stock.
Consumer Products
A new SPAC in beauty products. In the last two months rally from under $10 to over $17. They sell their hydra-facials to health spas and dermatologist, as well as make money off retail products. They have a positive EBITDA and a veteran CEO.
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He's shilling pitching this on the show. SKIN's product is a fast, affordable and non-invasive skin treatment that clean and hydrates your skin for everyone--men, women, young and old. Company had 52% revenue compounded growth, pre-Covid and will grow higher post-Covid as people return to work. Q1 margin increased to 66%. EBITDA adjusted was $7 million vs. a $200 million loss last year. This equipment is offered in high-end spas like the Four Seasons. Costs only $200/facial, so anyone can afford it. However, SKIN isn't making money. They're seeing strong growth in Japan. This is a vanity play as we reopen and people want to meet other people. Good CEO who was the head of surgical for Baush.
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The lack of profits in their track record worries him, but the strong upward movement of the chart tells him to give it the benefit of the doubt.
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The Beauty Health Company(SKIN-Q) Rating

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The Beauty Health Company(SKIN-Q) Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Beauty Health Company stock symbol?

The Beauty Health Company is a American stock, trading under the symbol SKIN-Q on the NASDAQ (SKIN). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:SKIN or SKIN-Q

Is The Beauty Health Company a buy or a sell?

In the last year, there was no coverage of The Beauty Health Company published on Stockchase.

Is The Beauty Health Company a good investment or a top pick?

The Beauty Health Company was never recommended as a Top Pick on Stockchase. Read the latest stock experts ratings for The Beauty Health Company.

Why is The Beauty Health Company stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is The Beauty Health Company worth watching?

0 stock analysts on Stockchase covered The Beauty Health Company In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is The Beauty Health Company stock price?

On 2024-06-21, The Beauty Health Company (SKIN-Q) stock closed at a price of $1.78.