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Weibo is a leading social media for people to create, share and discover content online. Weibo combines the means of public self-expression in real time with a powerful platform for social interaction, content aggregation and content distribution. Any user can create and post a feed and attach multi-media and long-form content. User relationships on Weibo may be asymmetric; any user can follow any other user and add comments to a feed while reposting. This simple, asymmetric and distributed nature of Weibo allows an original feed to become a live viral conversation stream.


He thinks the price is frothy. If someone holds it now, and has made a profit, this is a good time to take profits. (Analysts’ price target is 146$)

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Weibo(WB-Q) Rating

Ranking : 1 out of 5

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Stockchase rating for Weibo is calculated according to the stock experts' signals. A high score means experts mostly recommend to buy the stock while a low score means experts mostly recommend to sell the stock.

Weibo(WB-Q) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weibo stock symbol?

Weibo is a American stock, trading under the symbol WB-Q on the NASDAQ (WB). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:WB or WB-Q

Is Weibo a buy or a sell?

In the last year, there was no coverage of Weibo published on Stockchase.

Is Weibo a good investment or a top pick?

Weibo was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for Weibo.

Why is Weibo stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is Weibo worth watching?

In the last year, there was no coverage of Weibo published on Stockchase.

What is Weibo stock price?

On 2023-05-26, Weibo (WB-Q) stock closed at a price of $15.29.