(Top Pick Mar 7/16, Up 75.81%) They were acquired. It was a hard country. People were afraid of it. The tier one assets worked in this case.


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This is subject to a takeover offer from Nevsun (NSU-T). The knock against Nevsun is, will they do something stupid with the $400 million that they have in the treasury. The next question is, how do they grow, by buying the superb deposit in Serbia. He expects Nevsun will go up substantially in price having acquired this company. The cheaper way to play this is by owning the company that is being acquired.


If the copper price does not go down they win regardless of who builds the mine. They have a wonderful partner.


A great group. Have about $30 million in cash, that will last them 5 years at the rate they spend it. Have a joint venture with Freeport and made a discovery of a high grade, high sulfidation copper/gold system, and basically have 65 million tons of 2.1% copper and 1.2 g of gold. Very rich and very economic. Freeport is looking for that plus the portion that comes down below it, which should be. They’ve done a lot of to deep drilling and there are 4 rigs on site right now.


(A Past Investing Idea Aug 6/13. Up 84.97%.) Market capitalization of this company is justified by the top part of their deposit. He is hoping that underneath the deposit, there is a very large periphery deposit of copper/gold. The deposit is about 7 km away from the famous Bohr (?) deposit.


Loves it. It is in Serbia. Extremely high grade copper deposit. Freeport is putting all the money in this. He doesn’t see any other discoveries even close to this. He took his cost off the table plus some profit and continues to hold it.


Have had some spectacular drill holes with their partner Freeport McMoran (FCX-N). They are prospect generators. Believes that almost all the downside is based on the mineralization discovered so far and he feels there is a possibility that there is a periphery at depth that is of a size that will interest Freeport.

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