Problems with project in Romania, but Brazilian project is nearing production. They have to raise a lot more money for this company to work. There are a lot of losses to realize so wait until the end of tax loss season.

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Brazilian mine going into production this fall. A property in Romania with millions of ounces of gold and copper. ABX took a stake in it several years ago. It is frustrating that companies are not being paid for what is in the ground and they will be producing. It will pick up.

precious metals
(Market Call Minute.) Have some interesting properties in Brazil but their big asset is in Europe. He does have some questions regarding the political risks in the country.
precious metals
Largest deposit is in Romania, but nearest production goal is in Brazil. 4 million oz. in measured category. 700 million lbs of Copper. A lot of stock outstanding, but ANX has participated. Well capitalized. You say ’there must be something wrong’ but when you look at he company, there isn’t.
precious metals
A lot of potential ounces, but quite low grade. A big system. In a higher gold price environment, it will attract more attention.
precious metals
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Carpathian Gold Inc. is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol CPN-T on the (). It is usually referred to as or CPN-T

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