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Looking for editors to join the remote Stockchase team

At 87 years old, Bill Bruner (one of the site’s co-founders) will be retiring for good in less than 2 weeks.  We are currently looking for editors, working remotely from home, to replace... more



Paraphrasing Ross Healy

Market. Repatriation of overseas cash for US companies, is not an accurate way to gauge the value of stocks. It would have been much, much better had the repatriation conditions been specifically contingent upon monies actually being for expansion, etc.,...Read More

Paraphrasing Jason Mann

Market.  The Trump trade lives on.  It was the hoped for tax changes and deregulation that didn’t happen in 2017.  Small caps, industrials, materials have benefited since September.  He thinks we are entering the euphoria stage.  There are opportunities...Read More

Paraphrasing Jason Mann

Chinese BAT stocks.  They are caught up in a euphoric trade upswing and have over exceeded their valuation metrics.  When they start to miss on earnings on the turn of a cycle, say in a year or so, you could really see a move down in these stocks.

Paraphrasing Michael Smedley

Market. The markets are extremely strong. It's a dangerous game, and he is always ready for a correction. US banks ought to be able to stay out of a crisis mode, because they've been there. Commodities are making nice moves. Oil and gas is looking strong....Read More

Paraphrasing Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI

Market. Thinks most people expected 2 to 3 hikes in interest rates, and he saw there were too many clouds in the future. That uncertainty is never good for the market. When the central banker doesn't know what the future holds, it causes a little concern....Read More

Paraphrasing Brian Madden

Market. Things are very good. The economy is rolling along nicely, which was validated by the government raising interest rates. Also, we have had the best job rate we’ve seen in 15 years. There has been very good retail sales. However, what happens after...Read More