(A Top Pick Jul 12/21, Up 61%) He just sold all shares to buy SBUX. Last summer, DLTR was strongly hit by supply chain problems, but they raised prices from $1 and integrated products from Family Dollar that they bought. An activist accelerated these moves.
merchandising / lodging
(A Top Pick Jul 12/21, Down 34%) Their problems are short term and he's holding on. AWS continues to deliver high margins and revenues growth. A slowdown in cloud spending is possible, but he expects robust demand. A concern is their retail side, probably hitting the worst last quarter due to a physical goods overhang after two years of being understaffed (so are now letting go staff as Covid ends). They should return to positive EBIT in the next two years.
specialty stores
(A Top Pick Jul 12/21, Down 36%) They do IT outsourcing for small/medium business. CTS buys new companies and increase cross-selling by introducing new services, especially high-margin managed services rather than selling hardware. EBITDA margins should increase from 5% to 10% in the next few years. Still early days in its strategy.
A great performer compared to its peers. They are a dominant ETF service provider in Canada. Well-managed. The banks here move as a pack, and the leader and laggard often rotate. He owns TD and BNS which offers opportunities in the US and Latin America respectively.
They have too many brands, and overextended themselves. Not managed well, though managers are addressing issues. Little earnings growth short-term. Commodity input costs are another worry.
food processing
Spun out of Tourmaline, a top nat gas company. They're consolidating a big land mass in western Canada with some of the best nat gas fields in the world. Topaz is the vehicle that allows TOU to offload production into a cash-flow vehicle to free capital and drill more wells. The energy patch is undervalued. Nat gas has very strong pricing now. This looks good for the next 6-12 months.

The Russian war has driven up agricultural and fertilizer prices, but it's uncertain how this plays out. The spike in fertilizer prices has caused farmers to reduce their spend. The situation is in flux, but long term there will be demand more North American commodities instead of Russian. Trades at 11x only. Enjoy the cash flow. This should move higher.