Inflation is peaking Technical analysts Larry Williams says there are two ways to look at inflation: 1) The sticky consumer price index measures a basket of items that change price slowly; 2) the flexible price index which changes quickly. Now, #2 is currently at an all-time high. Once the flexible CPI surges, then the sticky CPI. History says that inflation that stays above 2.5% for 29 months on average and we've been through 14. Cycles: the CPI has a dominant 5-year cycle, so it should peak in the middle of 2022, then decline for the rest of the year. Further, the Advance Decline Line tells whether more stocks are rising or falling on a daily basis; currently this line signals to Williams that the AD line is due to rise, leading to a major broad-based rally through the end of June, then pulling back starting in early August, then rebound as the summer ends.
A great CEO, though he's never had the nerve to buy it. The best European bank.
It's gotten more expensive compared to other drug companies. He won't chase it at these high levels.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Good CEO and a buy at 8x earnings, but warning: the market doesn't believe this stock will come back. He disagrees.
household goods
Down 9% today because of Netflix's bad report. Well-run and trades at only 12x.
communications / media