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Today, The Panic-Proof Portfolio (Stockchase Research) and Stockchase Discover commented about whether WMT-N, TGT-N, SHW-N, KL-T, BWEN-Q, ETR-N, ABNB-Q, QCOM-Q, VLGEA-Q, RUTH-Q are stocks to buy or sell.

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(A Top Pick Jul 27/20, Up 32.5%)Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly Our PAST TOP PICK with SHW has triggered its revised stop at $280. To remain disciplined, we recommend covering the position at this time. We will continue to evaluate a future re-entry position.
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Allan Tong’s Discover Picks Target, which has stayed out of the limelight boasts a strong customer loyalty program. It also ironed out its e-commerce problems of 2019, boasts a solid balance sheet and announced stellar Q2 results. Comp sales rose 8.9% from Q2-2020, comp stores sales climbed 8.7%, comp digital sales popped 10%, and its adjusted EPS of $3.64 doubled since 2019. Same-day services offered even better numbers: drive-up sales soared 80% YOY in Q2 while order pick-ups jumped 30%. Also YOY in Q2, revenues rose 9.38% and EPS climbed 8.96%. Good past performance, you say, but what about growth? Wall Street projects Target’s EPS to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.37%. Read Battle of 2 Retail Stocks: Target vs. Walmart for our full analysis.
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks Like all retailers including Target, Walmart faces the twin challenges of labour and supply shortages. These will eventually end, but will likely linger for for the rest of this year. Fruther, the tailwind of stimulus cheques from Washington has dried up. Then, there’s Amazon. The planet’s largest retailer plans to build brick-and-mortar stores. Though Walmart’s e-commerce service and numbers are improving, Amazon remains the online king and their move into Main Street poses a serious threat to Walmart as well as Target. However, let’s temper that by remembering that Amazon will open stores of less than a third of the floor space of Walmart’s and will open shops only in California and Ohio. Meanwhile, Walmart operates 11,500 locations in 28 countries. Also, there’s no guarantee that Amazon stores will thrive. Read Battle of 2 Retail Stocks: Target vs. Walmart for our full analysis.
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