He doesn't follow this, but the $31 level is key. NFI has held this for six months. That said, it was well over $60 at the start of 2018. Infrastructure money fell away. $40 is resistance. He has a buy signal this week as indicators are turning up.
Monday it saw a big move up, and it rose above $4.59, but it faces resistance at $5, which is a tight band. If it breaks above $5, it'll be clear sailing to $6. If you own this, you're well set-up. If you don't, look at another gold stock. Gold will rise and so will this stock.
precious metals

It ran into congestion last summer between $24-28, and is in the same range this year. $24 is key; if it falls below $24, it'll plunge to $20. If you want safety, look at the XRE-T instead.

It bottomed last December at $10.21 and has now made a higher low, which is a good sign. If it rises above $13, it will see momentum, which has been lacking for quite a while. If it can rise above $13, it will signal momentum, which has been lacking lately. That breakout means it will reach $16 easily. Hold onto it.
investment companies / funds
It's in no-man's land now. Avoid new lows like this. This could fall to $5.
oil / gas
It made a low in December with a higher low in Februay. First resistance will be at $160, then at $182. If it breaks that, it will challenge its old $300 high. It participated in today's rally which is a good sign.
computer software / processing

He owns CP, which has a better profile. Don't sell CNR, but hold.