The stock has been going down. It is approaching a critical level according to Model Price theory: EBB-1 level is $17.80. His Model Price is $26.64, which is almost a 50% upside. However, if the stock drops below EBB-1, it could drop to EBB-2, which is $15. He would take a half-position at this level, but if it goes lower, he would sell and buy closer to $14.82. The market is concerned about recent news, such as the unionizing of its staff. However, a positive catalyst in the news could boost the stock an easy 25%. Making money on this stock might require trading around the levels rather than buying and holding.


His model price is $44.72, which is a 300% upside. This stock is very high risk but it has been rising recently as he predicted it would. This stock, like Teva and Bausch Health, were part of the most undervalued sector of the market 9 months ago, have been rising, and probably have more to go.


He calls this an interest-sensitive stock. The dividend of $1.68 is not covered by earnings. Earnings estimates for this year and next are $1.46 and $1.41. Interest-sensitives have had a bounce recently, perhaps because people sense a slowdown coming. He is bearish on the group. He would buy this stock at about $19.60.

oil pipelines

Under his model, this stock is overpriced by 15%. Also it is paying out over $2 in dividends but is expected to earn only about $1 this year and $1.35 next year. This is similar to Crescent Point. The stock is getting a bump from oil prices but he would not buy it until it comes down to $21.

oil / gas

His model price is $13.66, so he seeks the stock as almost 6% overvalued. They pay out as much as analysts expect them to earn. There is better value in American stocks.

oil / gas

This is another interest-sensitive stock that is at risk from rising interest rates. It is overvalued by 10% compared to his model. The company is doing a whole lot of financial engineering. He would like to see the balance sheet after all the shenanigans are finished. He think that ultimately the stock will go to about $35.

oil / gas pipelines

The stock has a 61% upside before reaching the model price. It is acquiring another company which creates some volatility. If it breaks below $7, he thinks the stock will go lower and he would set a stop loss for $7.

metal mines