Fast-food restaurants have been doing quite well. This stock has been acting very well. There had been a build up prior to the issue of Tim Horton's spin off. Expect things got a little ahead of themselves. Expect you can't go too far wrong with this one.
food services
Made a lot of acquisitions from J.C.Penney’s in the US hoping to turn them around. This left them with a weak balance sheet and not much cash to spend.
department stores
Likes the gold sector right now. This one is in Brazil and political risks are probably limited. Would suggest that you own a small basket of gold stocks to limit the risks.
precious metals
At the top as far as quality goes in Canadian steel. Not expensive at about 10 X earnings. Likes the outlook on energy, which will keep upper pressure on steel.
US banking stocks have been under performing other parts of the market. Very well run company and you probably won't get hurt with this one.
Over the last few years, has done a lot better than the industry. One of the largest generic drugs. Pharmaceutical sector has really gone to sleep.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
The semiconductor group, year-to-date, has done quite well. This one is the largest in the group and is doing very poorly. Their market focus on is the desktop and the PC and has been in a price war with AMD. They are about a year away from the next-generation chip.
electrical / electronic