Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Ravi Sood commented about whether SOM.UN-T, BXE-T, EQU-T, XSC.UN-X, AIN.UN-T, XRE-T, ATS.UN-T, TFR.UN-T, PBL-T, TET-T, SSI-T, CSS-T are stocks to buy or sell.

A lot of problems here. Really jammed up the revenues when they went public. Showed a lot of growth elements and got priced that way. Earnings went to zero and they had to cut their distributions.
misc industrial products
Management owns 50% of the company. A growth business having started with 15 stores and now up to 25 stores. Saturation point is about 70 stores.
specialty stores
Grossly overvalued. Have an extremely short reserve life. Very promotional management team. Worth $5/6 at share.
oil / gas
Was short this stock, covered the short and it has since rallied. There is another leg down. Have had some operational problems and there is a chance of gas weakening again. You may be able to get it at $14.
oil / gas
Has not performed well since its issue. An extremely well managed income trust. Did a very good deal a few months back. Doesn't think there is a big upside on this. Expects the market will continue to look at it as a buggy whip type of business. Worth owning.
entertainment services