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(A Top Pick Aug 24/11. Up 12.84%.) Likes this stock because it has a very strong fundamental base. Still a Buy.
(A Top Pick Aug 24/11. Up 19.19%.) The only thing that did well last year was tobacco and cheese. A little bit high on the multiples right now, so don't chase it. Still likes. Buy on weakness.
(A Top Pick Aug 24/11. Up 8.22%.) A REIT that floats with mortgage payments as dividends. Based upon a portfolio of AAA rated residential mortgages. Share price will stay flat because it is like an equity bond but pays a 13% dividend yield. ROE is 12 times and PE is 7 times.
3rd largest telephone company and largest rural exchange provider in the US. A yield based wire line stock that is an equity bond. Return function based on the free cash flow payout and it pays out 50% of its earnings. 7.7% yield.
Europe’s largest offshore drilling Company and 2nd largest globally by fleet size. Solid exposure to deep water drilling. 9.5% yield is extremely sustainable. Accumulate on Dips.