Christine Horoyski
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VP of Fixed Income at
Aurion Capital Management

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(Top Pick Apr 13/09, Up 30.5%) Bank of Montreal Capital Trust 10.221% maturing Dec 31/18.
This is down the risk spectrum so you get paid for taking on the risk (8-9%). This has a shorter term to maturity. They do not withhold tax. It’s an attractive asset space.
6.91% bond maturing July 3/19. High BBB yielding about 200 basis points over Canada. Play on infrastructure. Major player in construction/engineering. One of the top 10 worldwide.
4.85% bond maturing May 8/14. High BBB yielding about 150 basis points over Canada. #1 grocer in Canada and are working very hard to maintain that position. Have a great platform to work from.
Tier-1 9.976% bond maturing June 30/19. Rated A and yielding about 300 basis points over Canada. This bank is working on back to basics reducing their wholesale risks.