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(A Top Pick Nov 22/11. Up 27.46%.) Still likes. Has managed decent same-store sales growth. Not overvalued yet.
(A Top Pick Nov 22/11. Up 3.61%.) Dividend is solid, very sustainable and will likely grow. A little disappointed that company management hasn’t grown at a more active pace. A little conservative. If the price of oil stays reasonably consistent, he expects they could get spectacular dividend growth over the next little while.
Oslo exchange. Likes the business mix that they have. In terms of Europe, it is based on the Norwegian economy. Have a lot of activities in emerging markets such as Malaysia, Thailand and Russia. Also, have a foray into India but that may be coming to an end. This leads to pretty decent growth prospects. Solid dividend, which he thinks will grow. A- credit rating.
As companies globally look to reduce costs, there is going to be a continued push to outsource in both the IT and the consulting space. This company is very well-positioned to take advantage of that because of their “best in class” reputation. Have some pricing ability in that sense. A nice business in that it is very asset light in terms of what you need to conduct it.
Operates in Western Canada, Europe and Australia. A large amount of their oil production is tied to Brent pricing and a large amount of their natural gas production is in Europe and is tied to Brent crude as well. Decent dividend and would look for it to start growing at the end of 2013 and early 2014.