The Trump Rally Isn’t Over — 5 Stocks that Could Explode Even Higher

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The Trump Effect

Stocks have soared since the election of Donald Trump but, according to many stock market strategists, the real rally may just be getting started and the honeymoon will continue.

Stocks are still going up and economy has been growing non-stop since Trump’s election. “The market has assumed we elected pro-growth, tax-cutting, roll-back-regulation Donald Trump, and not tariff-oriented Donald Trump,” says Bob Doll, chief stock strategist at Nuveen Asset Management. Could this change? Maybe.

Tariffs against China

“Trump is preparing a new list of tariffs against China: Not the best news, obviously. Market reaction is muted.” noted Barry Schwartz.

All good until tariff war escalates

“As for Trump’s tariffs, these are nickels and dimes against the big scheme of themes–unless the tariff war escalates.” said Kim Bolton

The biggest influence on the market

“Trump is the biggest influence on the market, both tailwind and headwind: the U.S. tax reform to lower corporate rates, then starts a trade war, creating a vacuum of uncertainty. Is he doing this to open markets down the road? If so, they should play out by the end of 2018, which is a good impetus for markets. Investors should look at assets not as impacted by trade, but benefit from the tax cuts, such as the banks and tech companies. He doesn’t believe the US has huge trade surpluses as Trump claims, because so much of U.S. output is services.” Richard Croft thinks.

Stocks that could explore higher

Today we review 5 stocks that could ‘explode’ even higher during this rally, but before we get into the stock picks, it’s important to make sure you have the best investing tools in your arsenal in order to maximize your returns from these stocks. Make sure you first read our 7 essential tools to succeed as a DIY investor post and that you Open A Brokerage Account, we recommend Questrade and have a $50 free trades offer for you.

Now on to the 5 stocks…

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Artom Roberts
My favorite is the defense stock on page 5. Definetly something that Trump has influence on. Today he suggested to NATO countries they should double their defense spendings.

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