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This summary was created by AI, based on 3 opinions in the last 12 months., Inc. (KKKUF-OTC) is a leading player in the Japanese eCommerce and online review market. The company has a strong focus on asset light business models, with high returns on equity and strong cash flows. Experts believe that recent weakness in share price presents a buying opportunity, and the company is expected to be a long term hold with excellent prospects for growth.

(A Top Pick May 26/23, Down 5%)

His third largest holding at around 7%, added to it recently. Includes a business akin to the Yelp of Japan, recovering strongly since Covid. Trades at 21x PE, dividend yield's around 2%. Buys back shares. Very well run. Long term, should be able to increase earnings at 10-15%.


Portfolio of online business'. Emerging jobs classifieds business. Asset light business. Founder still involved. 40% return on equity. 6.5% weight in portfolio. Will be a long term hold. 


Japanese player in eCommerce for price comparison. Recent weakness in share price creating opportunity to buy. High margin business with large amount of cash flow. Weakness in economy also good as customers seek deals. Asset light business with low capital requirements. Strong returns on capital. 


Online review business in Japan (#2 in country).
New websites & web based services being spun out (zero capital costs).
Return on equity target of 40% (very high).
Excellent long term prospects.

(A Top Pick May 05/20, Up 51%) It is a review website. They pivoted from a restaurant business. They have a greater than 40% return on equity. Tablelog is their restaurant review website. There is an ADR in North America but it is thinly traded.
They are the Japanese version of Open Table. Their app does price comparisons. They boast high margins, high ROE and no debt. Plus, they always innovate, bringing new apps to market that attract users. Example: a bus tour app that you can use in Japan to navigate. Once an app attracts alot of traffic, they monetize that app by charging the user. It's a small company that trades in Japan. Now, they are focusing on take-out services for restaurants during this pandemic--flexible. They will continue to do well. (Analysts’ price target is $23.20)
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What is, Inc. stock symbol?, Inc. is a American stock, trading under the symbol KKKUF-OTC on the US OTC (KKKUF). It is usually referred to as OTC:KKKUF or KKKUF-OTC

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On 2024-06-04,, Inc. (KKKUF-OTC) stock closed at a price of $12.45.