Does not like product's use of leverage or alternative method's to generate yield. Suspicious of yield being higher than underlying assets. Would not recommend buying.
investment companies / funds
Has held shares in the past, but doesn't own any right now. Will leave it to investors to determine if product is right for them.
Looking out at bond and equity markets, product offers low but reliable rate of return. Rising interest rates offer better and better rate of return. Offering 3.2% rate of return.
Financial Services
Offering reliable rate of return for investors with zero risk. Better than losing money on inflation and under preforming equities.
Financial Services
Believes global instability and war in Ukraine will increase demand for US military equipment. Increased government spending on military equipment will create opportunity for aerospace providers. Wide range of military equipment will be required to battle Russia.
N / A
Today's jobs report was better than expected. He does not agree that good news is bad news (strong employment is bad news). Sure, we worry about inflation, but he sees a soft landing by the US Fed. For more than a bear market rally, the Fed needs to back off and it won't until inflation weakens. Next week comes more inflation data. All rallies are suspect until there is lower inflation, but he feels that inflation has indeed peaked. Inflation should be well on the way down in a couple months. He projects the S&P to finish at 4,896 by year's end.
Is down a lot YTD, but he still likes it. Cars make up over 50% of their business. Car demand is high and will stay so, because the average age of cars is 12.2 years, so they will wear out. We need to build more cars and there's demand for them. Their free cash flow yield is 34%. Amazing. They're buying back shares.