Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Shannon Saccocia, CIO, Boston Private and Rob Sechan, Managing Partner, New Edge Capital commented about whether AZO-N, JPM-N, IBB-Q, ABBV-N, ROK-N, URI-N are stocks to buy or sell.

She sold URI. Held it for a long time and it did well for her. As supply chains ease, the rental market will decline as people buy more.
Financial Services
It's down far more than the market this year, but automation is important when there is a labour shortage now, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. They have a strong backlog as demand endures. They will benefit as production returns in the U.S. She remains overweight industrials.
transportation equip & components
Is an innovative pharma company. Life sciences companies are getting more interest from investors.
Today is a bear market bounce today and won't sustain, but at some point a rally will sustain. Lockheed Martin and Abbvie, for instance, we are doing well, because they are good companies. You must stay invested int his market, but buy quality names like these. It depends on the Russian war and China's lockdowns. Today isn't the bottom. Hold a little more cash than usual to deploy during opportunities.
He sold IBB last month, though he owns a lot of Regeneron (for its fundamentals) in the biotech space. You need to own individual names, not the macro in biotechs. But he could re-enter IBB when the time is right.
No surprise that banks are off so much, because the market is pricing in a recession, though he's neutral. He's holding onto his banks including JPM and isn't buying the current weakness in banks. Labour costs are a headwind, but improving loan growth is a positive going forward. He also likes Blackstone because of their superb management.
Financial Services
Strong topline momentum, growing 15% YOY, earnings at 18% strong pricing power and they can pass higher prices to clients.
wholesale distributors