The stock has come off recently, but has done well in recent years. With its global footprint, it's resilient if the economy weakens this year. It will benefit from infrastructure spending that he expects to come. Solid balance sheet. Well-managed. (Analysts’ price target is $195.43)
Business Services
It manages inventory very well; it re-supplied quickly when the Russian war started. LNR is resilient. The stock has come off a lot, but around $50 it is a value play in a sector that will see continued growth. (Analysts’ price target is $81.40)
transportation equip & components
He's owned this for a while. Some feel now is not a good time to get into emerging markets, but he thinks China and India will show solid growth. He's been adding to this during market volatility.
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks With its app, DK is one of the leaders of online sports betting along with Fan Duel. DK commands roughly a 32% market share in terms of app downloads. The app was a hit during Covid lockdowns. (In fact, the app launched in April 2020.) Shares topped at $73 in March 2021, but have since plunged to $20. Is DK a buying opportunity? Read Battle of the stocks: 2 Sports Gambling Stocks for our full analysis.
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks MGM made waves before last Christmas when it sold its Mirage Hotel & Casino to Hard Rock for $1.08 billion as part of its “asset-lite” strategy, which includes devoting more capital to its online sport betting operations. Therefore, companies like MGM can operate sports betting but can offset those high costs through their other operations, like casinos and hotels. Since the deal, MGM shares have gone sideways, trading between $40-46, though off 52-week highs. Sure, Covid did the casinos no favours, though MGM endured it relatively well by suffering only a $1.5 billion cash burn. (In 2019, MGM boasts $12.96 billion in net revenues, $1.8 billion in operating cash flow and a 14% cash flow margin.) Read Battle of the stocks: 2 Sports Gambling Stocks for our full analysis.
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