They sell database software to healthcare, legal, accounting, and others. Margins have kept ticking higher. Steady grower. Big moat, as the dominant provider of information. As long as it continues to perform, stay with it.
publishing / printing
Really likes the broker dealers and those who have transitioned to asset management. Great job growing asset management business. Stock's pulled back to its 150-day MA. He'd buy it absolutely. Business will continue to grow nicely. Will probably see 20% dividend growth going forward.
investment companies / funds
Really likes financials. This is a grower, rather than just a cost-cutter. Loan growth of about 8%, whereas others were flat. Funds a lot of Silicon Valley. Success also building its wealth management business. Now working on an investment bank. Technically performing well. Tied to a growing part of the US economy in a growing part of the US. Likely to have outsized returns. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $699.43)
Natural beneficiary of the reopening. Sells a suite of products in hospitality, retail, and gaming. Excellent acquisitions. Growing business nicely organically. Fastest-growing company in the space globally. Will continue to trade at a significant premium. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $152.49)
Going through a major metamorphosis. Just raised dividend, plus a special dividend. They expect 2.5B in free cashflow next year, up from 1.6B this year. They want to return most free cash to shareholders. Balance sheet reformed, putting them in a strong position going forward. A sector that could have quite a good winter. Yield is 1.67%. (Analysts’ price target is $51.65)
oil / gas
General investing advice. The best companies tend to be well liked. When an industry goes through consolidation, some heavyweights come out in a much better position than the competition. Use stop losses on every position. Stay in the position as long as it's working. Once it breaks, come out.