(A Top Pick Dec 04/20, Up 8%) Their downstream operations did well in the last quarter. They are the giant in Canadian oil. In the next few years, the energy stocks will offer good value after being under pressure in recent years. We could head to an oil shortage and see rising oil prices. He still likes SU.
integrated oils
(A Top Pick Dec 04/20, Up 23%) Improving balance sheet and expects them to keep raising dividends, paying well over 6.5% now. It's a great buy for income investors. ENB offers capital appreciation going forward. Line 4 is progressing well.
oil / gas pipelines
It's had a good run. Was his top pick in March 2020. IN recent quarters, they've been simplying their structure. What's held their valuation was Weston Foods, which they are divesting. So, the company will focus on Loblaw and Choice Properties. Higher costs have impacted the former during the pandemic. But investments in home delivery have done well. He likes consumer staples now.
food processing
It's lagged a little. It had a severe premium valuation. Like the other banks, they did well with reserve releases. ROE is decent. TD has spent a lot to expand in the U.S., so there's a lag in profitability--they are doing well in the U.S. It's reasonably priced now, in the middle of the bank pack. It pays around 3.8%. He prefers BNS, RY and Commerce. He can't all the banks all the time. Not his first choice, but if he already owned TD, he'd hang onto it.
Was a previous top pick of his. It's done well and will continue to. They're steady performers. They just increase their dividend. Sold assets recently and has good growth prospects. Around $10, he'd still recommend this.
oil / gas
It's been a surprising year for uranium with the price jumping from $29 to $44. Uranium funds have been buying a lot of uranium. But he is perplexed by this metal; it has a lot of politics around it with intentions to build reactors, but always in the future. Not sure if uranium prices will hold. CCO stock is too high now. He avoids this space.
integrated mines
They invest in private companies through preferred shares, not commons, though are starting to do the latter now. They invest in good companies with track record across various industries. They increase funds if a company does well, but have a floor if things go awry. They've demonstrated an ability to earn a very good rate of return. They've had issues, but have grown overall. Most investments are American. Extremely well-managed. The yield should increase for years to come. (Analysts’ price target is $22.06)
Financial Services