Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Jim Cramer - Mad Money commented about whether NAT-N, UBER-N, CRWD-Q, NAT-N, BOX-N, ACI-N, FROG-Q, BGS-N, UAL-Q, GE-N, TPR-N, LEN-N, CPB-N are stocks to buy or sell.


IPO'd today. Likes it. It was priced at $44, opened at $71, pulled back to $51 and closed at $64.79. FROG is a cloud platform for development operations (dev ops) which means it allows engineers to collaborate between departments within a company. They bridge between the development and operation teams. FROG customers include Facebook, Spotify, Google, Netflix, Cisco, Oracle and Dell. It boasted 65% revenue growth in 2019 and 50% the first half of this year, based on recurring subscription revenue for its services. First half this year came within $500K to break even, so debt is lowering. He expects them to be profitable in 2021. Has a lot going for it, but its valuation is already at nosebleed levels. A great stock, but too high already.


He liked ACI when they IPO'd but last week, Kroger (a rival supermarket chain) reported an amazing quarter that didn't help lift ACI in this sector. ACI is cheap but needs a catalyst to rise. He needs to study this stock more.

Consumer Products
A cloud-based mobile collaboration platform with a cybersecurity overlay. It trades at only 25x 2021 earnings. Activist investors were agitating for change until they reached an agreement with Box's managers. Since March, both sides have bolstered margins and growth. Thes tock is up 70% since April. Tomorrow, it unveils new products and services. Overlooked by the mega-cap tech names, but not overvalued.
Take profits. It's done well. But he's circumspect about future growth.
Transportation & Environmental Services
Why did the Nasdaq sell off today? It sold because investors sold their FANG stocks and bought the IPO, Snowflake, which turned out to be the most successful software IPO in Wall Street history. Problem is, we're facing a flurry of tech IPOs this fall and we will see more of this sudden tech selling. (The only big tech name that didn't get hit today was Salesforce.) The buying is healthy for these tech IPOs, but unhealthy for tech stocks as a whole. Beware.

Has an excellent business model. Snowflake's huge IPO today came at the expense of selling off so many other tech stocks. Wait for things to cool down in this sector, because further IPOs may spark more tech selling.

It's doing okay, neither overbought nor oversold. Uber Eats will remain strong as people order take-out and will continue to until the cows come home. Also, restaurants are opening a little which helps more. Industry consolidation is another tailwind.