She owns JP Morgan in US banks. They just announced a new CEO. They need to spend more on risk monitoring, which is strange so late in the day. This will drag on the recovery on their bottom line, because this spend will weigh on their expenses. Banks on both sides of the border are attractive. She prefers JPM because their managers are strong; they're the cream of the crop among US banks. JPM was very conservative in their provisions in the last few quarters. Will bounce back.

Doesn't own airlines, given huge fixed costs and obviously the air travel recovery has been prolonged, though will eventually come back. There are fewer players in Canada, so AC will certainly participate in a wider recovery. Canada's strong restrictions in air travel have hampered airline recovery. Doesn't see long-term secular growth in the airline sector.
She owns another name in food retailing/grocers, who have benefitted from strong same-store sales growth, though this growth will moderate as economies open up more and eat out more. All retailers are increasing digital shopping and home delivery, though. It's a competitive space. All names have benefitted from the pandemic, but Empire doesn't offer much growth or pay a large dividend.
food stores
She owns this Pembina and Enbridge among pipeline. ENB is more defensive since it's the largest transporter of crude oil and natural gas in North America. Over 95% of what they move is under long-term take-or-pay contracts. Their yield is under 8% at a 60% payout ratio, so safe. It maintained its guidance even during the lockdown. It's difficult to build pipelines, but ENB recently enjoyed good news to resume building its line 3, which she expects will get built. ENB offers a solid income flow.
oil / gas pipelines

Blackstone vs. KKR Both good and both are global players. She likes the private equity space, and the way to invest here is through stocks like these. She plays this space through BAM. All have a strong global presence. Private equity will see continued secular growth with interest rates staying near zero. Large institutions are seeking returns in private equity and infrastructure and will invest more here.

investment companies / funds
The dividend is safe. All telcos are good at increasing their dividend yearly. BCE pays 5.9%. She buys this below $55. A solid income stock.
telephone utilities

She likes this. EMA made an acquisition in Florida. The dividend is safe and should grow in the single digits. Utilities are a great space for income investors. She owns peers including AQN.

mngmnt / diversified