Likes it. Largest of the renewable energy utilities yieldcos in Canada. Because it has the backing of BAM.T it’s a bit of a safer place, especially if you’re worried about short-term political risk. Own tremendous amount of hydro, solar, wind power. Own two thermal plants that burn nat gas, so not completely fossil free. More of a dividend play. Potential for growth as assets continue to appreciate. Excited about ability to play globally. Comfortable owning for long term.


Can wind power be a profitable part of your portfolio? Absolutely. Renewable energy is a play on long-term contracts. Costs are coming down dramatically. Though in Ontario, there won’t be any new contracts. Tremendous opportunity, becoming competitive with traditional systems. Look to improving energy storage to capture wind when it blows at off-peak times.


Great play, 100% renewable energy. Likes it. Ability to grow as well as generate a nice yield. Few places to get this nice of a dividend without taking on carbon risk. Bit more of a growth play. Yield of 5%.

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Competitive advantage over traditional cannabis? Likes it, versus a lot of the growers. Concern about the sector is that it will become a commodity, and then lowest price wins. A lot of consumers will care about the supply chain in terms of emissions, labour standards, environmental and social issues. People will pay for certified organic.


Biggest name in North American market. Got nailed twice. First, during the crash. Then, because China went big into the solar panel market, at subsidized prices. There will be growth in sales, but price of solar panels will drop dramatically. If you’re willing to ride it out for the long term, this can do very well. But you’ll have to be patient. Potential for dramatic technological change in this area. Be a little bit cautious about the technology risk.

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Growth potential for next 5 years? Huge opportunity in the water space. Water technologies, safe food, abundant energy. Opportunity to grow tremendously. Counting on two things: 1) companies continuing to care about providing safest and cleanest products, and 2) government regulation. Bit concerning looking to the US moving backwards with Trump. Yet stock has continued to do quite well. Likes this company’s innovative products. For a pure play in the growing green economy, this name is fantastic.


Troubled by this stock. Is drilling going to become increasingly more expensive? He’s highly, highly cautious. If we leave the Paris Accord, there will be a huge reduction in oil and gas exploration. If this company has to rely on continued resource exploration to be profitable, he’d be really cautious.

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