Had its challenges with shareholder issues and did a good job with this. There is some Selling of the name right now but in terms of looking forward to the next year, she likes companies that are involved in the infrastructure build-out in the energy patch and thinks this one will do okay. Prefers things like Horizon North Logistics (HNL-T) where you have not just exposure to oil.

oil / gas field services

An oil/gas producer but the structure of the shares is very attractive for retail investors because it has a 7% yield that is virtually impenetrable. Have a lot of capital on their balance sheet so it is not a risk. Thinks the actual production profile can grow. 5%-10% over the next year.

oil / gas

Looking back at when the US airlines got restructured and Delta went from $2 to $30. All those people that sold it at $8 were kicking themselves a few years later. In the next couple of years, she thinks this company could be $30. They are negotiating the pension deficit right now. If they can get that down by another billion dollars, it will be hugely positive for the stock. Working with airport authorities to bring revenues, that are not flight related such as restaurants, etc., to improve the profitability in order to bring down landing fees.


There was a lot of angst about a foreign entrant that really hit the stock. Another headwind with telecoms is the rate environment that is conversely, so good for banks and lifecos, but not so good for telcos. You have a macro environment that is hostile for telecoms but, underneath, this company is still growing their wireless customer base and it doesn’t look like a foreign entrant is coming in. She finds better uses for her money.

telephone utilities

Switch to Manulife (MFC-T)? Macro picture for both companies is very positive, so you are picking between Good and Good. This bank is the cheapest of the Canadian banks. Well-run. Given the 2, she would continue to hold because it is cheap and the fundamentals are great. The asset management side is growing.


Very positive environment for the auto industry globally. In North America you have a very old and aging fleet of domestic cars. Replacement factor is very high. There is a bit of inventory issue with the whole market, which is being worked off, but that is why it has been soft in the last few months. This is a buying opportunity.


This is old school where Amazon (AMZN-Q) is new school. It’s Cloud versus servers. This company is the hardware of the way we used to do business on laptops and now, with Amazon, everyone is doing their business on tablets. Revenues can grow, but if you are not making much money, the stock is not going to go up. Wouldn’t touch this one. If you want revenues and earnings, Google (GOOG-Q) is a great tech stock instead of this one.

electrical / electronic