(Market Call Minute.) Basically they are winding down, so why own it.

department stores

(Market Call Minute.) Accusations of misdeeds flying back and forth through the boardroom. You don’t want to be there.

metal fabricators

(Market Call Minute.) Higher end retail should be okay in the US economy.


(Market Call Minute.) Promising. Has read a lot of analysts’ reports. Doesn’t know it all that well himself, but analysts are pretty bullish on it. Has some interesting property so if it works out, the stock could multiply.

oil / gas

(Market Call Minute.) Great brand but expensive.

Business Services

(Market Call Minute.) Gasoline margins are driving this one. They are one of the biggest buyers of motor fuel in North America. A little tough to analyze.

food stores

Markets. If you ever want to be invested in the equity market, you need to know what is going on in the bond market. When it exhibits stress, it is an unhealthy environment for equities. Right now it is very positive. Bond market is not under any kind of stress. Yield curve is very positive for banks and lending in general. They are not going to pull back on their ability to lend any time soon. That is good for equities because that is where companies, who list their stocks on the stock market, get their money and lines of credit. Money is being printed all over the world, which is very positive for equities. Even if they taper a bit, she is still a bull on the stock market. Global growth will pick up next year.