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Takacsy, Stephen Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Mgr Lester Asset Management
Taller, Phil VP of Investment Managment Mackenzie Investment
Tan, Christine Tan Chief Investment Officer Excel Funds
Tardif, Jean-Francois Senior Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management
Tatters, Bruce Tatters Founding Partner and CIO Triumph Asset Management
Taylor, Paul CIO, Fundamental Equities BMO Asset Management
Taylor, Fabrice Publisher The President's Club Newsletter
Taylor, David Vice President & Portfolio Manager Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel
Taylor, Greg Portfolio Manager Aurion Capital Management
Taylor, Jay Editor J. Taylor's Gold and Tech Stocks
Telfser, James Telfser Partner & Portfolio Manager Aventine Management Group
Tepsich, Paul Tepsich Portfolio Manager High Rock Capital Management Inc.
Thackray, Brooke President Jov Investment Management
Thomas, Adam Vice President & Portfolio Manager Qwest Fund Management
Thompson, Bob Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist Canaccord Capital
Thorne, James Thorne Sr Portfolio Manager & Chief Capital Markets Strat Caldwell Investment Management
Thornton, Paul President Investor Boot Camp Online
Tomka, Danny Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Toole, Robert Managing Director Creststreet Asset Management
Trahan, Francois Chief Investment Strategist Bear Stearns
Tsang, Alice Portfolio Manager Marquest Asset Management
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