Top 8 Canadian Stock Picks under $10 – Growth Stocks, NO Oil, NO Gas, NO Mining

Artom Roberts Artom Roberts


Top Picks under $10

If you are looking for stocks under $10, you’ll find a bunch of Energy Stocks.

We don’t like resources stocks (Oil, Gaz, Mining).

We browsed the Top Picks for you to select growth stocks and build our Top 8 Canadian Stock Picks under $10.

I call those industries (Oil, Gas, Mining) Capital Destroyers, as all are cyclical, ebbing and flowing through the years, with little cash flow predictability, and hardly any sustainable wealth creation to be seen.
Robin R. Speziale

Growing faster than its US peers…


Storagevault Canada


The management team has done a great job.  The business is growing faster than its US peers.  They have put $800 million into buying assets and increasing rental rates on a per foot basis.

Trading at 13 times earnings…


Stingray Digital


This music media company produces music for cable companies. It trades at only 13 times earnings and could easily trade at higher multiples.

A lot of these companies have been taken over…


GMP Capital Trust Inc.


A lot of these companies have been taken over.  They are raising money for marijuana and crypto currency stocks.

They just won a $100 million contract…


Covalon Technologies


This company makes wound dressings for medical devices and just won a $100 million contract overseas.  Earnings growth is going to massively accelerate with the new contract.

They doubled the size of the company…


Sangoma Technologies Corp.


They are involved in telephony and telephony products.  He thinks the street has the story a little bit wrong.  They basically doubled the size of the company.

Generates a lot of free cash flow…


Element Fleet Management


It’s the North American and Australian leader in fleet management. Generates a lot of free cash flow. Trades at a discount to book value at 8x next year’s earnings.

Strong management team…


Brick Brewing Company


Fifth largest brewer in Canada. New facility only operating at half capacity, so room to grow. Strong management team. A big, efficient producer which could roll up the smaller brewers. Could also be a takeout target in future.

It has over 4 million mobile users…


The Score


This is the second-leading app in sports news and data in North America. It has over 4 million unique mobile users but a market cap of only $75 million. He expects this company to be sold for a much higher price.

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