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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Kachur, Cole Kachur Senior Wealth Advisor ScotiaWealth Management
Kacur, Matt Kacur President FSA Financial Science and Art
Kahn, Thomas Co-Director of Investments Kahn Brothers
Kaiser, John Kaiser Founder Kaiser Research Online
Kee, Douglas Chief Investment Officer Leon Frazer & Associates
Ketchen, Fred Managing Director Scotia McLeod
Khatri, Veeral Khatri Partner and Portfolio Manager JC Clark
Kim, John Kim Portfolio Manager Aston Hill Financial
Kim, Patrick Vice President and Portfolio Manager KBSH Capital Management
King, David Portfolio Manager, New Value Fund Putnam Investments
Kozak, Frederick VP & Sr Research Analyst Canaccord Adams
Kral, Alan Vice President Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen Inc.
Kramer, David Analyst David Kramer & Associates
Kramer, Hilary Kramer Editor in Chief
Kresic, Chris Senior Vice President, Investments Mackenzie Financial
Kulasingam, Gajan Kulasingam VP & Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
Kyne, Brendan Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leeward Hedge Funds Inc
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