Not another boring course

Lost investor, we'll help you see in the dark! 

Not another boring course about investing is an online course that will teach you the basics of stock market investing in Canada.

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Let’s face it, the investment world is full of industry jargon and math we all don’t understand. If you’re like most of us then you’re lost in the woods surrounded by big scary books and deep cavernous research about where you start and your money ends. We are the “flashlight” so just follow us on this guided tour and we will get you out of those woods and onto the right path. 

Not another boring course

Not another boring course about investment by Hardbacon

We guarantee you’ll learn and see more about where your place is in investing and how to get more out of your investments and goals.  

Thanks to Hardbacon, you'll learn all you need to know in a 5 hour interactive course for the Canadian retail investor. 

  • Budgeting
  • Money
  • Building a portfolio
  • Investing
  • Even more about money
  • And yourself

…don’t get eaten up out there.

Successfully Founded

The development of this online course has been successfully funded on Ululele by Julien Brault, a former Les Affaires reporter, in March 2017 and the course is finally available to everyone.  Now it's your chance to get it at 20% discount.

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