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Not all stock opinions are created equal. Your Premium subscription provides performance rankings which will help you pick your favorite experts and follow only the stock experts that have a proven record of good performance. Focus on professional investors' tips and tricks to get insight that will ultimately drive your portfolio growth.

Identify Trustworthy Experts

Unlock experts ratings and identify experts with a good track record to make better investment decisions

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Premium-exclusive protected top picks portfolio with stop-loss and profit objectives.

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Focus on Top Picks issued by your preferred expert with a proven performance history.

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Receive a weekly update of the most talked about stocks on social media straight to your inbox.

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Get the top stock picks from qualified experts. See the best 100 top picks.

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This 72 rules cheat sheet will give you access to our investment process for winning in the market.

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  • Premium-Exclusive Monthly Best Stock Ideas.
Premium is a delightful ad-free inbox and web site experience with unlimited access to all features and insights.

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“There is simply no other way to efficiently track the latest analyst views of my stocks. I especially appreciate the regular updates on my specific portfolio holdings and the daily Top Picks delivered directly to my inbox. Worth every penny!”

Mike O.

DIY Investor

Investing directly for over 30 years

“I appreciate the information and value. I like the daily emails and summary of the market for the previous day. The fact we can use a watchlist and get targeted emails is also very helpful. Overall, this service has already paid for itself in the first month of being used. Highly recommended!”

Mark J.

DIY Investor

DIY investor, trading approximately 1-2 times a month.

“Successfully investing requires access to as much information as possible as early as possible. I am especially pleased with Stockchase Premium, both for its varied reports and helpful personal service.”

Elias Z.

Canadian DIY Investor

Focus on utilities, REITs and Banks as well as large Cap technology.

More Premium Features:

Weekly Top 25 Experts

Unlock expert ratings and identify experts with a good track record to make better investment decisions. Top experts are ranked weekly by how their recommendations have performed.

Panic-Proof Portfolio

Don't fret a market downturn with a panic-proof portfolio. Our Stockchase Research Editor recommends stocks with price targets, stop loss settings and strategy.

$72 FREE Financial Spreadsheet Automation (Wealthica)

Get a premium power-up on Wealthica free with a Stockchase Premium subscription. You'll be able to better track your winning investments and their performance.

$125 $25 Wealthica Premium Bundle for only $25

Want to supercharge your net worth and investment tracking? Unlock the full potential of Wealthica with Wealthica Premium for only $25.

$10 FREE 72 rules of winning in the market eBook / Cheatsheet

Learn how to win in the market by reading about the 72 golden rules to win in the market.

Ad-free access to all Stockchase content & features

No more ads while you search for your next investment. Premium members get a clean, ad-free experience.

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Premium subscribers support the development of Stockchase and allow us to keep operating the site and producing high quality content.

What financial websites say about Stockchase:

Use Stockchase to “Get a second opinion on your stock choices […] check out Stockchase and its well-maintained database of who’s saying what about which stocks.” - Rob Carrick

Dividend Earner calls Stockchase “A great tool for DIY investors ...Your stock selection process could benefit from a last check on what analysts have to say that numbers don’t tell.”

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We’re the Stock Chasers!

Hello, I am Simon.

I chase stocks with my fellow chasers : Martin, Cody, Eric, Melisa, Allan and a few others in the daily site development and publishing team. Many of the Stockchase editors are long-time Stockchase users.

Obviously, we chase for winning stocks. 🥇

We’re also the team working on Wealthica, the app that’s known as the Personal Capital for Canadians that allows you to see all your investments in one place.

We acquired Stockchase with the money from capital gains of stocks we bought on weakness. We missed buying a bunch of great tech stocks in their early days and wish we could have bought Amazon a decade ago.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create a new Stockchase account?

You need to have an active free Stockchase account matching the email address you specify on the premium sign up form. Once you submit and pay, we will upgrade your free account to Premium. If you do not have a free Stockchase account, signup for one here.

How much does Stockchase Premium cost?

The best value is the 1 year membership bundle which is offered at only $99/year (a 55% discount from the retail price including the value of the bonuses offered (eBook, spreadsheet automation and best stock ideas). You can also pay $10/month (no extras).

Are prices in CAD?

All prices are Canadian Dollars (CAD) which makes Stockchase Premium a great deal. 😉

Is there a free trial?

You can take advantage of the 60 day money-back guaranteed as a free trial. If you sign up and don't like Stockchase Premium, just email us in the following 60 days and we'll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

What does Stockchase Premium includes?

The main features of Stockchase Premium are the stock experts rankings, individual experts ratings on multiple investing horizons and access to stock experts' top picks portfolios. As a Premium member, you will also receive an enhanced version of the Daily Top Picks newsletter before everyone else each day, have ad-free access to the Stockchase web site content and a few more extras. Furthermore, your contribution will contribute to the development and maintenance of Stockchase.

What is financial spreadsheet automation?

Many investors like you maintain an investment spreadsheet they update manually. The Stockchase team is also behind Wealthica, a net worth tracking app that features automated exports of your holdings and transactions to Google Spreadsheet. When you signup for 1 year of Stockchase Premium you get free access to the Google Spreadsheet export on Wealthica - a $72 per year value.

I paid but still can't access Premium, why?

In order to avoid activation delays, make sure you filled the signup form using the same email address you are using for your Stockchase account. Please allow for 5-15 minutes after signup for your access permissions to be updated. Also make sure you sign out and log back in to Stockchase in order to make sure you are viewing the site with your updated permissions. There are some cases when activation could require an additional delay. If you still did not receive welcome instructions and access 15 minutes after signup, you can notify us using the chat widget you can find on this page (bottom right). Don't worry, if you paid then we have been notified and we will get back to you quickly with your Premium access.

Any questions? Contact us!

Email us at hello@stockchase.com or chat with us in real-time using the chat widget at the bottom right of this page