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Char Technologies Inc. YES-X
Commerce Split Corp YCM.X-T (dead)

Split CIBC share between preferred and common.

Class A shares closed out 

Edgewater Wireless Systems YFI-X
First Asset Morningstar US Momentum Index YXM-T
ProSh UlShrt Yen ETF YCS-N
Yamaha Corp YAMCY-5

Japanese Exchange

Yamana Gold Inc. YRI-T
Yangarra Resources YGR-T
Yell Group YELL-LSE Yellow Pages in the UK and the US
Yellow Media Inc Y-T
Yellow Pages Preferred B YPG.B-T Redeemable in 2016 for $25
Yellow Roadway Corp. YELL-Q
YGC Resources Ltd. YGC-T
YM BioSciences YM-T (Dead)

Acquired by Gilead Feb/13

YMG Capital Management YMG-T
Yoho Resources YO-X (Dead)

Gone private (Sept 2016) 

Young Innovations Inc. YDNT-Q (Dead)

Acquired by Linden Capital Partners Jan/13

YPG Holdings YPG.PR.A-T (Dea Yellow pages preferreds
Yukon Zinc YZC-X
Yum China Holdings Inc YUMC-N
Yum! Brands YUM-N
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