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Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60™ Bear+ ETF HDX-T (Not List
Active Bear ETF HDGE-N
American Hotel Income Properties HOT.UN-T

real estate trust (3 & 4 star hotels)

Australian REIT Income Fund HRR.UN-T
Brand Leaders Plus Income HBF-T
Corporate High Yield Fund HYV-N (Dead)

Not Listed (Nov 2013)

DDJ Canadian High Yield Fund HYB.UN-T (Dead)

Unlisted Aug 2017 

H&R Block HRB-N

Diversified company involved in tax return preparation, electronic filing of income tax returns and other tax-related services.

H&R Real Estate Inv Trust HR.UN-T

REIT (Offices)

H. J. Heinz Co. HNZ-N (Dead)

Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital

Haggar Corp. HGGR-Q clothing
Hain Celerstial Group HAIN-Q

Amsterdam Exchange

Halliburton Co HAL-N
Halma plc HLMA-LN
Halogen Software Inc HGN-T (Dead)

Acquired by Saba May 2017.

Halterm Income Fund HAL.UN-T Trust (Halifax harbor)
Hamburger Hafen und Logistic AG HHFA-GR (Dead)

German Stock Exchange

Hamilton Thorne Ltd HTL-X
Hammond Power Solutions Inc. HPS.A-T
Handleman Co. HDL-N
Hanesbrands HBI-N
Hanfeng Evergreen HF-T (Dead)

Providing green space, fertilizer etc. in China

Delisted by TSE (June 2014)

Hang Seng, Hong Cong HK-I Hong Kong Exchange
Hanger Orthopedic Group HGR-N
Hanover Compressor Co. HC-N
Hanwei Energy Services Corp. HE-T
HAP Corporate Bond ETF HAB-T
HAP Enhanced Income Equity ETF HEX-T
HAP Floating Rate Bond ETF HFR-T
HAP North American Value ETF HAV-T (Dead)

Not Listed

HAP S&P/TSX 60 ETF HAX-T (Dead) Now a fund
HAP Seasonal Rotation ETF HAC-T
Hardwoods Distribution HWD-T
Harley Davidson HOG-N motorcycles
Harman International Industries Inc. HAR-N (Dead)

In the automotive sector

Acquired by Samsung (March 2017)

Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd HMY-N
Harrahs Entertainment HET-N casino operator
Harris Corp. HRS-N
Harris Steel Group Inc. HSG-T
Harry Winston Diamond Corp. HW-T (Dead)

Formerly Aber Diamond Corp.Acquired by Swatch Group March 2013

Harry Winston Diamond Corp. (US) HWD-N (Dead)

Formerly Aber Diamond Corp.

Acquired by the Swatch Group March 2013

Hart Stores Inc. HIS-X (Dead)


Acquired (February 2015)

general stores

Hartco Inc HCI-T (Delisted

CompuSmart computer stores.

July 2015

Harte Gold Corp HRT-T
Harte-Hanks Inc HHS-N
Hartford Financial HIG-N
Harvest Energy Trust HTE.UN-T
Hasbro Inc HAS-Q
Hastings Entertainment HAST-Q
Hathor Exploration Ltd. HAT-T (Dead) Acquired by Rio Tinto
Hatteras Financial HTS-N (Dead)

Acquired July 2016

HBP 60 Inverse ETF HIX-T
HBP Comex Copper Bull+ ETF HKU-T (Dead)

Not listed (Jan 2013)

HBP Comex Gold Bear and ETF HBD-T
HBP Comex Gold ETF HUG-T


HBP Comex Silver ETF HUZ-T
HBP DJ AIG Gr Bull and ETF HAU-T (Dead)
HBP Energy Bull+ E.T.F. HEU-T
HBP Financials Bear+ E.T.F. HFD-T
HBP Financials Bull+ E.T.F. HFU-T
HBP Financials Inverse ETF HIF-T (Dead)

Not Listed Jan 16/13

HBP Global Gold Bear+ E.T.F. HGD-T
HBP Global Gold Bull+ ETF HGU-T
HBP MSCI Emerging Market Bull+ ETF HJU-T (Not List

(March 2015)

HBP NYMEX Long Gas/Short Oil ETF HNO-T (Dead)

Fund has been terminated

HBP NYMEX Nat'l Gas Bull+ HNU-T
HBP NYMEX Natural Gas Bear+ etf HND-T
HBP Nymex Oil Bear+ ETF HOD-T
HBP S&P 500 Bear+ ETF HSD-T
HBP S&P 500 Inverse ETF HIU-T
HBP S&P 500 VIX Short Term Future Bull+ HVU-T
HBP S&P/TSX 60 Bear+ ETF HXD-T Reverse participation that has double the leverage of TSX60's.
HBP S&P/TSX 60 Bull+ E.T.F. HXU-T
HBP S&P/TSX Global Base Metal Bull+ ETF HMU-T (Not List

June 2015

HBP US 30 yr Bond Bear+ ETF HTD-T (Not List


HBP US$ Bear+ E.T.F. HDD-T (Dead)

Not listed May 29/13

HBP US$ Bull+ ETF HDU-T (Dead)

Not Lised May 29/13


HCP Inc. invests in real estate serving the healthcare industry in the United States. The Company is a self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company acquires, develop, lease

HDFC Bank Ltd HDB-N World class Indian bank
Health Care REIT HCN-N
Health Management Associates HMA-N (Dead)

Acquired by Community Health Systems (Jan 2013)

Healthcare Leaders Income Fund HHL-T
HealthLease Properties REIT HLP.UN-T (Dead)

Acquired by Health Care REIT (November 2014)

Heating Oil Partners HIF.UN-T
Hecla Mining Co HL-N
Helen of Troy Ltd. HELE-Q Sassoon hair products, Dr Scholl foot pads, etc.
Helius Medical Technologies HSM-T
Helmerich & Payne HP-N
Hemosol HML-T Blood replacement/Major owner is MDS, so buy them instead.
Henkel AG & Co HENKY-5

Listed in Germany

Henry Schein Inc. HSIC-Q
Herbalife Ltd. HLF-N

Science-based weight management products, nutritional supplements and personal care products intended to support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Heritage Oil Corp. HOC-T (Dead)

Acquired by Bidco (May 2014)

Heroux-Devtek Inc. HRX-T mini Bombardier?
Hershy Foods Corp HSY-N
Hertz Global Holdings HTZ-N
Hess Corp. HES-N
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. HPE-N
Hewlett-Packard Co HPQ-N
Hexcel Corp HXL-N
Hi-Crush Partners LP HCLP-N
Hi/fn Inc HIFN-Q Makes chips for embedded security in network/storage
High Arctic Energy Services Inc HWO-T
High Desert Gold HDG-X (Dead)

Acquired by High Desert Gold (Dec 2013)

High Liner Foods HLF-T
High Plains Uranium Inc. HPU-T
High Point Resources HPR-T (Dead)
High River Gold Mines HRG-T (Dead)

Acquired by Nord Gold March 2013

Highpine Oil & Gas HPX-T
Hillsborough Resources Limited HLB-T
Hilton Worldwide Holdings HLT-N
Himax Technologies HIMX-Q
Hirsch International Corp. HRSH-Q
Hispanic Broadcast HSP-N (Unlisted

US Spanish broadcast

Sept 2015


Formerly Canadian Helicopters Group

Hollinger Inc (C) HLG.C-T
Hollinger International HLR-N
Holloway Lodging HLC-T

Limited service hotels.(Formerly Holloway Lodging REIT)

HolyFrontier Corp HFC-N
Homburg Invest Inc. HII.A-T (Dead) Acquired
Homburg Invest Inc. (B) HII.B-T (Dead) Acquired
Home Capital Group HCG-T mortgages
Home Depot HD-N
HomeQ Corp. HEQ-T (Dead)

reverse mortgages

Acquired by Birch Hill Equity 

Homestake Canada Inc HCX-T gold
Homestake Resource HSR-X (Dead)

Acquired by Auryn Resource (Sept 2016)

Honda Motor Ltd. HMC-N
Honeywell International HON-N
Horizon North Logistics HNL-T
Horizon's Medical Marijuana HMMJ-T
Horizons Absolute Return Global Currency HARC-T
Horizons Act Float Prefer ETF HFP.A-T (No Lis
Horizons Active Cdn Dividend ETF HAL-T
Horizons Active Emerging Markets Dividends ETF HAJ-T
Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF HPR-T
Horizons Active US Dividend ETF HAU-T
Horizons Alphapro Gartman Fund HAG-T (Dead)

Not Listed

Horizons Auspice Broad Commodity ETF HBR-T (Not List

July 2015

Horizons Auspice Managed ETF HMF-T
Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 Bull + ETF HSU-T


Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 VIX ST Future Inverse ETF HVI-T
Horizons Cdn High Dividend HXH-T
Horizons CDN Insider Index HII-T
Horizons Cdn Midstream Oil & Gas Index HOG-T
Horizons COMEX Copper ETF HUK-T (Dead)


Horizons Enhan. Incm. Fin. ETF HEF-T
Horizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF HEE-T
Horizons Enhanced Income Gold ETF HEP-T
Horizons Enhanced U.S. Equity HES-T (dEAD)

Not Listed (March 2014)

Horizons EURO STOXX 50® Index ETF HXX-T
Horizons Global Dividend ETF HAZ-T
Horizons Gold Yield ETF HGY-T
Horizons Intl Developed Markets Equity Index ETF. HXDM-T
Horizons Managed Global Opportunity HGM-T
Horizons Morningstar Hedge ETF HHF.A-T (No Lis
Horizons NASDAQ-100 Index ETF HXQ-T
Horizons Natural Gas Yield ETF Comm HNY-T
Horizons NYMEX Crude Oil ETF HUC-T
Horizons NYMEX Natural Gas HUN-T
Horizons S&P 500 HXS-T
Horizons S&P/TSX 60 Equal Weight ETF HEW-T
Horizons S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index HXE-T
Horizons Universa Canadian Black Swan ETF HUT-T (Not List

(Sept 2016)

Horizons US 7 10 Year Treasury Bond ETF HTB-T
Hormel Foods Corp HRL-N
Hornbeck Offshore Services HOS-N
Houston Lake Mining HLM-X (Not List

July 2016

Hovnanian Enterprises HOV-N
HP Interactive CP HP-T
HPB Global Mining Bear+ ETF HMD-T (Not List

June 2015


London Stock Exchange

HSBC Holdings P L C HSBC-N
HTC Purenergy Inc. HTC-X carbon dioxide capture and storage
Hub International HBG-T
Hudbay Minerals Inc HBM-N
Hudbay Minerals Inc. HBM-T
Hudson Bay Co. HBC-T
Hudson City Bankcorp Inc. HCBK-Q (Acquire

Acquired by M&T Bank (Nov 2015)

Hudson's Bay Co (debenture) HBC.DB.A-T debenture
Humana Inc HUM-N
Hummingbird HUM-T
Hummingbird Resources HUM-LN

Liberian gold exploration and development company.

London Exchange

Hungtingdon Capital HNT-T (Dead)

Acquired by Slate Capital (November 2014)

Hunter Bay Minerals HBY.H-X
Huntington Bancshares Inc. HBAN-Q
Huntington Ingalls Industries HII-N
Huntsman Corp HUN-N
Husky Energy HSE-T Focused on heavy oil. Took over Renaissance
Husky Injection Molding Sys HKY-T Fabricating/engineering
Hydro One H-T
Hydrogenics Corp HYG-T
Hyduke Energy Services HYD-T An integrated oilfield services company.
Hyperion Solutions Corp. HYSL-Q
iShares Hi Yield Corp Bond ETF HYG-N
iShares High Dividend Equity HDV-N
Manor Care HCR-N
Market Vector Hard Assets ETF HAP-N
Newstrike Resources HIP-X
Nobilis Health Corp HLTH-A

Homes/operates outpatient surgery centers

Formerly Northstar Healthcare (December 2014)

PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF HACK-N
Specialty Foods Ltd. HAM.UN-T
Stans Energy HRE-X
Stuart Energy Systems HHO-T
US Equity High Volatility Put Write Fund ETF HVPW-N (Dead)

Not listed (June 2017)

Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Equity Fund HEDJ-N
Zhongpin Inc. HOGS-Q (Dead)

pork in China

Acquired by Parent (2013)

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