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Company Name Symbol Notes
Aida Engineering 6118-JP
Asahi Pretec 5855-JP Recycles precious metals.
Cheung Kong Holdings 1-HK Real estate. Long listing.
China Gas 384-HK
China Merchants Holding 144-HK A port.
China Oilfield Services 2883-HK

Hong Kong exchange

China Overseas Land 688-HK Hong Kong Exchange
CK Infrastructure Holdings 1038 - HK

Hong Kong Stock exchange

CLP Holdings 002-HK
Compal Electronics Inc 2324-TT

Taiwan Exchange.  Manufactures and markets notebook computers and color monitors.

Esprit 330-HK
Fanuc Corp 6954 JP
FujiFilm Holdings 4901 -JP

Tokyo Stock exchange

Futaba Corp 6986-JP
Giant Manufacturing 9921-TW Taiwan exchange
Hang Lung 0101-HK
Henderson Land 12-HK Hong Kong exchange
Hengan International (HEGIY.PK) 1044-HK
Hirano Tecseed 6245-JP

Japanese engineering company on the Osaka exchange.

Hitachi Metals Ltd. 5486-JP
Honda 7267-JP

Tokyo exchange

Hosiden Corp 6804-JP
Hoya Corporation 7741-JP
Hutchison Whampoa 13 - HK

Trades on the Hong Kong exchange.

Ibiden 4062-JP ceramic coatings for semiconductors
Ichiyoshi Securities 8624-JP
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd 1398-HK (Dead)
KDDI Corp 9433 JP
Keyance 6861-JP

Japanese exchange

KOA Corporation 6999-JP
Kose 4922-JP Ladies cosmetics
LG Household & Healthcare Ltd 051900-KS
Li & Fung Ltd. 494-HK Worlds largest sourcing company
Link REIT 823 - HK
Mitsubishi Corp 8058-JP

On the Tokyo Exchange

MTR Corporation Limited. 0066-HK Hong Kong rail operator.
Murata Manufacturing 6981 JP

Japanese exchange

Nippon Antenna 6930-JP Tokyo Exchange
Olympus 7733-JP
Panasonic Corp 6752-TO

Delisted from the NYSE April 2013

Ping An Insurance Group 2318-HKG
Ports Design Limited 589-HK
Prada 1913-HK
Rakuten Inc 4755-JP
Riken Leiki 7734-JP

Japanese Exchange

Samsung Electronics 005930-KRX

 Korean Exchange

Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc. 1960-JP Mainly engaged in the provision of internal wiring and electrical engineering services.
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group 2196-HK
Shibaura Electronics 6957-JP

Japanese Exchange

Shin-Etsu Chemical 4063-JP
Sinopec 386HK Hong Kong Exchange
SMC Corporation 6273-JP
SoftBank Corp 9984-JP
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust 8309 -JP

Tokyo exchange

Sumitomo Trust and Banking 8403-JP Japanese exchange so not active here
Sunshine Oilsands 2012- HK

Sunshine Oilsands Ltd. is a Calgary based company focused on the development of its significant holdings of oil sands leases in the Athabasca oil sands region.

Takasago International 4914-JP

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Temp Holdings Co Ltd 2181 JP
Topre Corporation 5975 Tokyo

Tokyo Exchange so we don't track.

Toyota Industries 6201-JP
Tsingtao Brewery Co. 0168-HK

Hong Kong Exchange

Wharf Holdings 0004-HK Hong Kong exchange
Wynn Macau Ltd 1128-HK
Yamaha Corp. 7951-HK Together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture of musical instruments, audio and information technology equipment, electronic devices, and lifestyle-related products, as well as in the operation of recreation facilities.
Yushiro Chemical 5013-JP

Japanese exchange

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