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Stock SymboliShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income E.T.F. (FIE.A-T)
Source of InformationBerman's Call
T.V. Program Date2017-03-20

The distribution on this is somewhat fixed. They are paying out north of a 6%-7% yield. If you look at what is in it, there is nothing that yields that much. Looking at all the banks and the other income generating securities this owns, the average is about 4%. This is paying out about 3% extra, which is capital gain you would’ve otherwise been getting from the share price. This is why you are not seeing a lot of upside in the price movement of this ETF.

Price (as of program date)$6.910
Implied Signal
$ Goal
ExpertLarry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA
T.V. Program TopicSTOCKS & ETFs
Expert's BiasUNKNOWN
Own or RelationshipUnknown