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Stock SymbolBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF (ZWU-T)
Source of InformationBerman's Call
T.V. Program Date2017-03-20

What is the downside risk? This has 80% pipelines, telcos, utilities in Canada and 20% in the US. Generally utilities, telcos and pipelines are big dividend players. This is yielding about 7%, a very nice yield, but extremely interest rate sensitive. In 2013, when the US Federal Reserve was first talking about raising rates, we had the taper tantrum. This ETF went down pretty hard, but then came back up when the Fed backed off. In 2015, there was a big drop because of pipelines, when oil prices were coming down. You have to understand what you are holding.

Price (as of program date)$13.930
Implied Signal
$ Goal
ExpertLarry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA
T.V. Program TopicSTOCKS & ETFs
Expert's BiasUNKNOWN
Own or RelationshipUnknown