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Stock SymbolApple (AAPL-Q)
Source of InformationMarket Call Tonight (BNN TV)
T.V. Program Date2017-03-16

Apple (AAPL-Q) or Alphabet (GOOGL-Q)? He owns both, and both are great holdings. The amazing thing about this one is that they have about 1 billion basically captive users of their products. What makes that even more impressive is that there is a 93% loyalty rate. They produce a ton of cash. A 3rd of their market cap is in cash. Trading well below the market multiple. A great core holding for any portfolio.

Price (as of program date)$140.690
Implied Signal
$ Goal
ExpertGordon Reid
T.V. Program TopicUS EQUITIES
Expert's BiasUNKNOWN
Own or RelationshipYes