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Stock SymbolGeneral Electric (GE-N)
Source of InformationMarket Call (BNN TV)
T.V. Program Date2017-01-11

This has been repositioning its portfolios businesses over the last 5-6 years since the financial crisis. They were decreasing their exposure in GE Capital, retrenching in those businesses and selling off some. In October they announced a joint venture with Baker Hughes where GE is going to own 60%. They still have 8 different reporting segments, with none accounting for 20% of their earnings. Still very diversified. Trading at about 20X forward earnings, so it is not really that attractive. With divesting of assets, they have to replace the earnings those assets were generating. They’ve been putting some of that money into share buybacks, but that can only go on so long. She prefers others.

Price (as of program date)$31.470
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ExpertChristine Poole
Expert's BiasUNKNOWN
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