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Formal Name (Display Name) Last Name Title Company Address City Prov. Postal Contact Info Biography Specialty Comments Actions
Beth Hamilton-Keen
Hamilton-Keen Director & Senior Portfolio Manager Mawer Investment Management View
Bill Belovay
Belovay Deceased June/09. Jones Heward Investment Counsel Resources - large ca View
Bill Bonner
Bonner President & Portfolio Manager Brickburn Asset Management Inc 201, 221 - 10 Avenue SE Calgary Al T2G 0V9 Phone: (403) 303-4488
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Bottom Up View
Bill Carrigan
Carrigan Technical Analyst Getting Technical Info Service technical analyzing Follows trend lines on charts View
Bill Harris, CFA
Harris Portfolio Manager Avenue Investment Management core values precious metals/alt energy View
Bill MacLachlan
MacLachlan Director Mawer Investment Mngmnt GARP bottom up/value View
Bill Proctor
Proctor MacKenzie Financial View
Bill Shaw
Shaw Partner & Portfolio Manager Exponent Investment Management value View
Blair Wilson
Wilson Associate Director and Portfolio Advisory Group ScotiaMcLeod View
Bob Boaz
Boaz Director Equ Research Dundee Securities growth View
Bob Doll
Doll Chief Investment Officer Merrill Lynch Investment Managers View
Bob Froehlich
Froehlich Chief Investment Strategist Scudder Investments View
Bob Stodgell
Stodgell President Stodgell Inv Mngmnt value Conservative - banks, cash, dividends View
Bob Thompson
Thompson Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist Canaccord Capital Alternative investin View
Brad Willock
Willock Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager RBC Asset Management growth conservative, low risk tolerance View
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