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Formal Name (Display Name) Last Name Title Company Address City Prov. Postal Contact Info Biography Specialty Comments Actions
Ray Steele
Steele Vice President of Investments Mavrix Fund Management growth Contrarian views View
Reg Ogden
Ogden Vice President Canaccord Capital golds View
Reza Samahin
Samahin Assistant Vice President of Equities Altamira Investment Services View
Richard Bernstien
Bernstien Chief U.S. Strategist Merrill Lynch View
Richard Croft
Croft President R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc. 218 Steeles Ave East Thornhill ON L3T 1A6 Phone: (905) 695-7777
Toll Free: 1-877-249-2884
Fax: (905) 695-9777
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R. N. Croft Financial Group Inc. is a boutique portfolio management company, providing fully customized discretionary asset management to discriminating investors. Our investment approach combines low cost tax-efficient indexed investment strategies, with targeted active management, and sophisticated options techniques to maximize client returns at any risk level. Our portfolio processes are unique, flexible and comprehensive. View
Richard Fogler
Fogler Portfolio Manager Kingwest & Company View
Richard Stone
Stone President Stone Funds View
Rick Aster
Aster Portfolio Manager Meridian Funds View
Rick Rule
Rule Pres. & CEO Sprott USA Resources Likes to use fundamental analysis View
Rick Serafini
Serafini Portfolio Manager Aim Investments View
Rick Stuchberry
Stutchberry Portfolio Manager Richardson GMP View
Rob Callander
Callander Vice President and Portfolio Manager Caldwell Securities value Top down and sector approach. View
Rob Dionne
Dionne Partner Scheer, Rowlett and Associates value View
Rob McConnachie
McConnachie Chief Investment Officer Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel View
Rob Mikalachki
Mikalachki Portfolio Manager InvescoTrimark View
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