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Formal Name (Display Name) Last Name Title Company Address City Prov. Postal Contact Info Biography Specialty Comments Actions
Andrew McCreath
McCreath Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital View
Andrew Pink
(Andrew Pink)
Pink Portfolio Manager LDIC View
Andrey Omelchak
(Andrey Omelchak)
Omelchak President & CIO LionGuard Capital Management View
Andy Nasr
(Andy Nasr)
Nasr VP & Investment Strategist Sentry Investments View
Ara Nalbandian
Nalbandian Portfolio Manager Highwater Capital Management View
Arthur Berman
Berman Petroleum geologist View
Arthur Heinmaa
Heinmaa Managing Partner Toron Investment Management value View
Avery Shenfield
Shenfield Senior Economist CIBC World Markets View
Barbara Marcin
Marcin Portfolio Manager Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund value View
Barry Schwartz
Schwarrtz CIO & Portfolio Manager Baskin Wealth Management
Barry joined the firm in 2000 and became a partner in 2005. He spearheads the research on new investment opportunities and carefully monitors current ones. Barry is also a frequent commentator on the markets on national television, radio and in the press, and he provides insightful editorials regularly on Twitter and on the Baskin Wealth Management blog. - See more at:
Beat Guldimann
Guldimann Vice Chairman & ManagingDirector Hampton Securities. View
Ben Cheng
Cheng President and Chief Investment Officer Aston Hill Financial Ltd. Visit Website Aston Hill Financial recognizes that every market situation can be an opportunity. An innovative and creative approach to business uncovers otherwise overlooked opportunities. Commitment to our team and to providing a proactive response to the changing needs of our clients are the foundation of Aston Hill. An entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the success of our company are the hallmarks. Aston Hill Financial offers a unique range of expertise in the oil and gas industry, the income sector, the high yield market, and in structured investment products, to pension funds, institutional investors, corporations, and individuals. Income Trusts View
Ben Rogoff
Rogoff Senior Portfolio Manager Polar Capital Global Technology View
Ben Stadelmann
Stadelmann Vice President Contra the Heard contrarian usually under $25 and preferably under $10 View
Benj Gallander
Gallander President Contra the Heard Investment Letter contrarian usually under $25 and preferably under $10 View
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