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Formal Name (Display Name) Last Name Title Company Address City Prov. Postal Contact Info Biography Specialty Comments Actions
Zachary Curry
Curry Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager Davis-Rea Ltd. Visit Website View
William Wilby
Wilby Director of Equities Oppenhimer Funds View
William Chin
(William Chin)
Chin Portfolio manager Caldwell Investment Management View
Willem Hanskamp
Hanskamp Senior Vise President & Portfolio Manager C. F. G. Heward Investment Management View
Wilf Gobert
Gobert Oil Analyst Peters & Company View
Werner Muehelemann
Muehelemann Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager ING Funds GARP View
Walter Gerasimowicz
Gerasimowicz Chairman and CEO Meditron Asset Management View
Vinny Catalano
Catalano Chief Investment Strategist Blue Marble Research View
Vincent Delisle
Delisle Investment Strategist Desjardins Securities growth sector specialist View
Vikash Jain, CFA
Vikash Portfolio Manager ArcherETF 1267 Cornwall Road Suite 202 Oakville ON L6J 7T5 Phone: (905) 337-2227
Toll Free: (866) 469-7990
Fax: (905) 337-3552
Visit Website
Veronika Hirsch
Hirsch Chief Investment Officer Arrow Capital View
Veeral Khatri
(Veeral Khatri)
Khatri Partner and Portfolio Manager JC Clark View
Tyler Mordy
(Tyler Mordy)
Mordy President & CIO Forstrong Global Asset Management View
Tony Demarin
Demarin President & CIO BCV Asset Management View
Todd Johnson
Johnson Portfolio Manager BCV Asset Management Inc. Tuxedo Business Park Winnipeg MB R3P 2P2 Phone: 204 284-2583
Toll Free: 888 645-2583
Fax: 204 284-2584
Visit Website
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