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David Abella
Abella Portfolio Manager Rochdale Investment Management View
Randall Abramson
Abramson Co-founder, President and CEO, Chief Portfolio Mgr Trapeze Asset Management View
Brian Acker, CA
Acker Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves Acker Finley Inc. 181 University Ave Toronto ON M5H 3M7 Phone: 1 (416) 777-9005
Toll Free: 1 (888) 514-9136
Fax: 1 (416) 777-2096
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Jason Ader
Ader Hayground Cove Asset Management View
Ralph Ades
Ades President Realgrowth Investment Counsel View
Ian Ainsworth
Ainsworth Vice President, Investments MacKenzie Financial Corp. growth View
Gerald Allaye-Chan
Allaye-Chan Portfolio Manager Blackmont Capital View
Peter Arender, CFA
Arender Unknown Unknown View
Rick Aster
Aster Portfolio Manager Meridian Funds View
Jeffrey Auxier
Auxier President and Chief Executive Officer Auxier Asset Management value investing View
Matt Baillie
Baillie Vice President and Portfolio Manager Sceptre Investment Council Ltd Biased towards value. View
Jonathan Baird
Baird Global Value Fund Manager Nexgen Financial 36 Toronto Street Toronto ON M5C 2C5 Phone: (416) 506-8403
Toll Free: (800) 363-2749
Fax: (800) 593-5630
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Matt Barasch
Barasch US Portfolio Advisor RBC Asset Management value conservative View
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