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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
A Commentary A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert N Unknown Sometimes an expert talks about things other then a particular stock. We think it may be useful to include it, so this is the spot we use. $0.020 0000-00-00 View
CASH CASH N N/A $0.010 0000-00-00 View
BBVA-SM Banco Bilbao N banks $0.010 0000-00-00 View
TEF-SM Telefonica S.A. N telephone utilities $0.010 0000-00-00 View
PETR4-BZ Petroleo Brasileiro N oil/gas Brazil stock exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
688-HK China Overseas Land N Advertising Agencies Hong Kong Exchange Homebuilder developer in China. $0.010 0000-00-00 View
GAM-SM Gamesa N other services Wind Technology Spain exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
VIE-FR Veolia N environmental French exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
VWS-DC Vestas Wind Systems N environmental Wind turbine manufacturer Denmark exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
5855-JP Asahi Pretec N environmental Recycles precious metals. Japanese exchange. $0.010 0000-00-00 View
EN-FP Bouygues N conglomerate Trades on the Paris exchange. $0.010 0000-00-00 View
ALLL11 Brazil All America Latina Logistica SA N Transportation $0.010 0000-00-00 View
589-HK Ports Design Limited N clothing $0.010 0000-00-00 View
12-HK Henderson Land N Developers (Real Estate) Hong Kong exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
6201-JP Toyota Industries N misc industrial products $0.010 0000-00-00 View
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