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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
CBE-N (Dead) Cooper Industries N machinery

Acquired by Eaton's

$0.000 2012-12-03 View
CYMI-Q (Dead) Cymer Inc N electrical/electronic


Acquired by ASML (June 2013)

$0.000 2013-06-03 View
DYN-N (Dead) Dynegy N oil pipelines Bankrupt $0.000 2012-07-09 View
ELN-N (Dead) Elan Corp. N biotechnology/pharmaceutical

Acquired (June 2014)

$0.000 2014-06-09 View
ENE-N Enron Corp Y oil/gas pipelines utilities conglomerate $0.000 2017-11-17 View
AUQ-T (Merged) AuRico Gold Inc N precious metals

Merged with Alamos Gold (AGI-T) (July 2015)

$0.000 2015-07-06 View
HNZ-N (Dead) H. J. Heinz Co. N food processing

Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital

$0.000 2013-06-10 View
HYV-N (Dead) Corporate High Yield Fund N Financial Services

Not Listed (Nov 2013)

$0.000 2013-11-18 View
ICH-A (Dead) Investors Capital Holdings Inc. N investment companies/funds

Not Listed (July 2014)

$0.000 2014-07-14 View
ISA-T (Dead) Isotechnnika Inc N biotechnology/pharmaceutical

Merged with Aurinia (Sept 2013)

$0.000 2013-09-30 View
MB-T (Dead) MegaBrands N misc consumer products

educational and construction toys

Taken over by its parent Mattel (May 2014)

$0.000 2014-05-05 View
NDN-T (Dead) Nordion Inc N other services

Formerly MDS

Not Listed (Aug 2014)

$0.000 2014-08-11 View
NAS-T (Dead) Northstar Aerospace N misc industrial products services aerospace industry Chapter 11 $0.000 2012-05-28 View
NWK-Q (Dead) Network Equipment Technologies N electrical/electronic

Acquired bt Sonus Networks

$0.000 2012-08-27 View
PWER-Q (Dead) Power-One Inc N electrical/electronic

power needs of various subsystems/components within electronic equipment

Aqcuired by ABB (July 2013)

$0.000 2013-07-29 View
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