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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
AAC.B-T (Dead) Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. (B) N Broadcasting $52.890 2007-08-23 View
AAH-T (Dead) Aastra Technologies N Telecommunications

Repackage and sell cable/telecom older technologies

Acquired by Mitel (Feb 2014)

$41.940 2014-02-05 View
AA-N Alcoa Y non-base metal mining aluminum $41.860 2017-12-13 View
AAPL-Q Apple Y electrical/electronic PC Mnfctr $172.270 2017-12-13 View
ABF.UN-T (Dead) Associated Brands Income Fund N investment companies/funds private label products $0.810 2007-05-18 View
AAK-T (Dead) Arawak Energy Ltd. N oil/gas Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan $0.980 2009-04-18 View
ABI-N (Dead) Applera-Applied Biosys N electrical/electronic $27.810 2008-11-29 View
ABT-N Abbott Labs Y biotechnology/pharmaceutical $55.060 2017-12-13 View
ABX-T Barrick Gold Y precious metals gold $18.130 2017-12-13 View
ACA-T (Dead) Ashton Mining of Canada N precious metals $1.140 2007-01-19 View
ACF.UN-T (Dead) IAT Air Cargo Trust N investment companies/funds owns/leases air cargo space at major airports $5.920 2010-01-11 View
ACF-N (Dead) GM Financial N finance/leasing $24.460 2010-10-01 View
ACM.A-T (Dead) Astral Media N entertainment services

Acquiredby BCE (July 2013)

$49.990 2013-07-09 View
AC-N (Dead) Aliance Capital Mngmnt Holding N investment companies/funds Large mutual funds. Considered a partnership in US, so a 40% withholding tax. $64.500 2006-02-27 View
ACO.X-T Atco Ltd Y mngmnt/diversified holding company (electrical and natural gas) $45.340 2017-12-13 View
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